16″ Honeycomb grid Beauty Dish for Bowens


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  • All metal (aluminum). 
  • 41cm or 16″ in diameter. 
  • Includes nylon elasticated soft white cover / diffuser sock.
  • Bowens mount is included.  
  • 30 degree honeycomb grid
  • Interior of dish is silver.

Advantages of white beauty dishes

1. They produce softer light
2. When used with a honeycomb they do not create a shadow of the honeycomb, reflected from the interior of the dish.

Disadvantages of white beauty dishes

They are about .8 of a stop less efficient in terms of light output, although this is not usually important as they are typically used very close to the subject


  • (1) 16″ beauty dish bracket
  • (1) Bowens mount
  • (1)30 degree honeycomb grid
  • (1) White diffuser




Beauty Dishes are the favourite light shaping tool of fashion, glamour and portrait photographers who have moved beyond soft lighting and who want to emphasise high cheekbones and good complexions.
These comparison photos were taken with both the camera and the beauty dishes in exactly the same position.
Unlike the light from softboxes, the light is very controlled and directional and so is also ideal for backlighting and rimlighting, and for when vignettes are wanted. A free diffuser is included, this softens the light when needed and creates a light similar to that of a perfectly round softbox.

A honeycomb grid is also included. This allows even greater control of both light spread and flare and can produce stunning, dramatic lighting with very hard shadow transfer edges if required.

  • Quality of light: Soft but directional light
  • Light output (compared to standard reflector) -2 stops
  • Modelling lamp: Yes, uses lamp fitted to flash head. Modelling lamps should not be left switched on when the Beauty Dish is fitted with a honeycomb grid, to avoid overheating

    Compatible with:

    All of our strobe flash 300WS, 400WS, 600WS, Bowens and other flash heads with standard Bowens S-fitting

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