2000 watt output 4 head studio in a box shooting table kit


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Rapid softbox 20″x28″

  • Quick set up rapid softbox
  • Umbrella like softbox, Set up in 2 second
  • It has a built in single socket to hold bulb up to 150 watt
  • Socket is made of high quality ceramic
  • Canada/USA stardard
  • E26/27 standard screw-in base

Large 24″ x 52″ pro fiberglass shooting table

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Material: Translucent Plexiglas surface
  • Can be lit from above, below, behind, or around the subject for sufficient exposal and brilliant image with precise control.
  • Adjustable back frame turns from 90 degrees to 180 degrees independently.
  • Two light head holder attachments (C-clamps) for lighting under and above your subject.
  • Assembly needed (under the instruction)
  • Non-reflective opaque Plexiglas surface Base: 24in. x 52in. (600X100cm):

    Professional Light Sets

    • 500W (Equivalent) 10000 hours Energy Saving 5500K 110V Perfect Daylight Bulbs provide a wonderful white light for excellent color matching

    • No need for filters or software editing (the color of the image closely resembles the color of the original item)

    • Light weight, heavy-duty aluminum tripod light stands up to 7′ high

    (1) 4x 150 watt 5500K fluorescent light bulbs (600 watt equ/each)

    (2) 4x 20″x28″ rapid softbox with diffuer and single socket

    (3) 3x pro fully adjustable light stands

    (4) 1x 5ft boom arm with clamps and sandbag

    (5) 1x 24″x52″ pro shooting table with accessories


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