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1. 2 x150W Flash Strobe light with power cord Modeling lamps

2. 2 x 7′ fully adjustable light stands

3. 1x 40″ black/silver umbrellas

4. 1x 33″ translucent umbrella

5. 1 x heavy duty padded carrying case

6. 1x 7’x10′ Backdrop stand kit with carrying case

7. 1 pc 6’x9′ black high key muslin backdrop

8. 1 pc 6’x9′ white high key muslin backdrop

MonoLight: All kinds of lighting accessories available: barn-doors, snoot, color filters, honeycomb, soft boxes & umbrellas

150 watt seconds Color-temperature corrected (5500 K) circular flash tube Mounts onto any light stand with 5/8″ or smaller stud Guide number of 40 at ISO 100 Recycling time of 1.5 seconds

50 watt removable modeling lamp

Three different trigger options: By the camera, using the included sync cord By another flash, using the built in photo slave Manually, using the open flash test button Length is 7 inches Diameter is 3 3/4 inches Angle bracket at the base hase built in umbrella holder  

Backdrop stand:  

Stands extend up to 7′ Max. Load capacity 15 lbs One year factory warranty Premium kit bag is included   Folded height 38″ Minimum height 38″ Maximum height 7′ Net weight per light stand 3 lbs Max. load capacity 12 lbs Max. distance between feet 37.5″ Max. tube diameter of stands 1.1″ Max. tube diameter of cross bars 1.05″ Light stand Alumium   Color black satin finish Shipping weight for one set 7.4 lbs  


Brand new heavy duty muslin background   Measuring 6′ x 9′ Best Available 100 Percent Cotton high key Muslin Material 100% cotton to absorb the light and help eliminate reflection Seamless, made from one piece of material The background has a loop rim at the top for easy mounting. The background is fully hemmed at the edge 100% satisfaction guaranteed Heavy duty Muslin

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