800W Umbrella Photo Lighting Kit


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  • 4 x200W(EQV)=800W 5500K Professional Light bulbs
  • 2 x Adjustable 7′ stands
  • 2 x double light holders
  • 2 x 33″ umbrellas
  • 1 FREE Heavy Duty Kit Bag

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    • This is a new professional quality four lights continuous fluorescent lighting kit with umbrellas. 
    • This is the top of the line umbrella kit that delivers superior power for all of your digital imaging applications. 
    • This kit is centered around these new 4*45 watt high output compact fluorescent lamps that produce 800 watts of useable light.  
    • These lamps were developed specifically for digital imaging.  Flicker free and daylight balanced (5500K), these lamps produce a super soft glow that with bathe your subjects in a superior light, requiring no extra filtration or color correction for achieving natural skin tones and color. 
    •  With the umbrella attachment you get to control the angle and tenor of the light by moving it closer or further from the light.  This is great lighting made  easy way.   This lighting kit gives you that soft, wrap around light that eliminates harsh shadows and hotspots. 
    • Works great for portraiture or product photography.


  • Lighting Tripod:
    Made from aluminum alloy construction with black satin finish, solid quick release levers, fully adjustable, smoothly up and down, Max fully extended height is 7 feet with a 5/8″ stem, 26″ foot print, 32″ min height, 27″ when close, max load is 7 lb. Screw on tip is 1/4″. One year manufacturer Warranty.

  • Lighting Bulb:
    • Part Number: LS-45-Watt Bulb
    • Average Life: 8,000 Hours
    • Approximate Incandescent Equivalent: 300 Watt, total output is 1200 Watt
    • Save 215 Watt in Energy
    • Flicker-Free
    • E26 standard screw-in base
    • CRI (Color Rendering Index ) > 84
    • Designed for 120V/60 HZ
    • UL listed
    • Bulb size: 13″ Length, 4.00″ Diameter, 4.00″ Base Height, 2.95″ Base Width, 5600 LM output

  • Light Socket:
    The swivel adapter lets you have full control over your flash or slave positioning. Mount your slave to the swivel adapter and then set it on any of your standard mount light stands. The adapter swivels in all directions, making it simple to get the light where you need it, even with difficult angles.


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1 review for 800W Umbrella Photo Lighting Kit

  1. Allan Cheung

    I couldn’t be more pleased with these lights. The stands are sufficiently sturdy and, if one uses common sense (and due care), there’s little danger of them collapsing or falling over…..unless you allow small children and animals to run rampant in your home. The fluorescent bulbs are a tad bit awkward to negotiate screwing them in but I got the knack for it after several attempts. The carrying case is surprisingly well made. There are straps inside to hold the stands and umbrellas. I saved the styrofoam shipping inserts (and boxes) for storing the bulbs.

    I am a fairly accomplished amateur photographer. I use to develop my own photos back in the day. After I got married, the kids came along and they became the focus of my photographic efforts. With grandkids, retirement and digital cameras…I found renewed passion for photography and I set out to equip my home “studio”.
    There are a number of low to moderately priced lighting “kits” and it was tough decide which one to buy…..or what I really needed. I got lucky with these lights. Set up is easy. No instructions are needed actually. I wasn’t sure how to place the lights so as to get those perfect portraits. However, I found sites online that give free advice about lighting …..and just about everything else that one would need to know about photography.

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