Focusable 2 Spot & Flood Light 1600 watt Constant Lights


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This Red Head Continuous Light gives you the kind of studio lighting you need to get the professional shots. It is designed for DSLR/SLR cameras and also used in video taking. With continuous lighting there’s n

o need for complicated flash settings or fumbling with sync cords. You can model your subject knowing exactly where the light will fall. What you see is what you get. It’s also a great light for video too. No more dark low light grainy video shots. The included barn doors give you full control over the lighting.



This is a new continuous Red Head light with an 800W halogen bulb and a barn door.
It comes with 1.8m Length Power Cord with Switch ON/OFF and Dimmer Button.
There is a screw at the bottom of the lamp which can modulate the bulb’s focus.
The Light comes with a 6″ barn door. To manipulate the light, to concentrate, feather and generally prevent stray light spilling out, these are also rotate-able so you can orientate the light to suit the subject.
Color temperature: 3200K of each Light

This 2400 watt lighting kit will give you the most powerful lighting you need for your photography studio or video lighting. It is dimmable light output with focusable beams. It ideal for any video and photography settings.

2x Red Head Light

2x 800 w Quartz Bulb

2x Barndoor Set

2x Power Cable

2x 7 ft Light Stands

1x Padded Carrying Case

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Weight 18 kg