Inspiron Large Digital LED Ring Light


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The Inspiron Large Digital LED Ring Light is a ring light that has 48 LED lights to provide constant illumination for even, shadow-free lighting. It will work with any system, film or digital, with filter diameters from 49mm-77mm . This is especially ideal for medical, dental, industrial and creative applications where the situation demands close-up, detailed, well-lit images.

The SFD-RL71 comes with an AC adapter, and features a built-in, rechargeable, long lasting, super-slim lithium polymer battery.

Can be used plugged in, or with its built-in rechargeable battery

Power indicator with 3 modes: full charge, half charge, and empty

Lamp Type 48 LEDs
Mount Type Ringlight
Power Source Built-in Lithium Battery
Power Consumption Not Specified by Manufacturer
Power Connector Proprietary lithium battery
Dimensions 4.7 x 5.6 x 0.9″ (120 x 142 x 23)
Weight 3.2 oz (90g)


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Weight 2 kg