NEW Hand Painted/dyed Muslin 10’X20′ Backdrop MT7014


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  • Measured 10’X20′
  • Each Muslin backdrop is individually handcrafted (no two are identical) and completely hemmed on all 4 sides.
  • All are Hand Painted or Dyed on the Highest Quality Muslin Material by Our Talented Staff of Artists.
  • Special Paints will not Crack or Rub off on Clients.
  • Inspiron hand-dyed muslin backgrounds are constructed from 100% cotton muslin. The muslins are sun dried, making them lightfast and will not fade over time.
  • Each muslin comes with it’s own carrying bag.
  • Backdrops supplied by Inspiron made from the highest quality muslin material, 100% cotton to absorb the light and help eliminate reflection, Seamless, Painted by skilled artist using high quality paints.
  • Crimped along the edges to prevent tears.
  • All backdrops are sold with money back guarantee

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