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  • 2pc 150W Flash Strobe lights with power cords
  • Modeling lamps
  • 2 pc fully adjustable 7′ light stands
  • 1 pc 40″ black/silver reflective umbrella
  • 1 pc 24″x28″ softbox with inner and outter diffusers
  • Wireless Trigger/receiver set
  • Carrying bag


  • Independent monobloc flash heads

  • Designed for digital and film cameras.

  • All metal high quality construction.

  • Built in slave devices – no messy wires.

  • Plenty of power for small portrait and commercial work.
  • Excellent range of light modifiers included.

  • Everything you need to start off in studio photography.

  • We value quality over price!

The unit mounts onto any standard lightstand with a 5/8″ or smaller mounting stud. It has a circular flash tube that is daylight balanced at 5600 deg. K, a guide number of 32 at ISO 100 and a recycling time of 1/500 – 1/1000 sec. It also comes with a 50 watt removable modeling lamp. The Budget Studio monolight Flash can be triggered through the camera with its included 15′ sync cord, by another flash being fired and activating the built-in Photo-Slave, or through its open-flash test button. It’s a compact 7.0″ long with a diameter of 3-3/4″ and weighs only 15 ounces.

  • Power: 150 Watt Seconds
  • Angle-adjustable bracket with built-in umbrella holder
  • 50 Watt model light
  • Color-temperature corrected (5,500K) circular flash-tube
  • Includes 12′ AC Power Cord, Sync Cord
  • All kinds of lighting accessories available: barn-doors, snoot, color filters, honeycomb, soft boxes & umbrellas

Light Stand:

  • Versatile, Hardworking & Lightweight
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Stable & Quick Setup
  • Maximum Height: 2100 MM, 7 feet
  • Minimum Height: 810 MM, 32.4 inches
  • Maximum Load Capacity 2.5KG, 9.9 lbs
  • Closed Length: 805 MM, 32.2 inches
  • Footprint Diameter 925 MM, 37.8 inches
  • Mounting Stud 5/8 inches


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