Pro 16-Rib 72in Black/white Parabolic Umbrella


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The 72in Silver Parabolic Umbrella offers maximum light reflection for use either indoors or outdoors. Frames are constructed using a fiberglass composite offering added strength and durability over standard steel or aluminum frames. The custom designed center shaft has been engineered to two times its normal thickness. This durable shaft is finished off with a 7mm tapered tip allowing for insertion into a variety of photographic lights.

1 x 72 inch black white parabolic umbrella (light stand and flash light are not included)


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  1. David Nunez

    The light is a little hard and specular because of the silver finish, but works great with a fill light. It falls off quickly so it is important to focus and aim the umbrella correctly. The little silver ends holding the material onto the ribs weren’t glued on my umbrella so I had to do it myself to prevent it from falling apart.

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