Pro 16-Rib 72in white Parabolic Umbrella


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Our new massive 72″ diameter parabolic reflector, suitable for use in large studios.It is an extremely versatile professional light shaping tool – in its ‘normal’ configuration is produces a massive light that’s ideal for fashion photography and groups.

By adjusting the distance from the flash head to the reflector (or by fitting a different reflector to the flash head) the light can be changed from spot to flood, or anywhere between these two extremes.Because of its size it can be used to produce extremely soft light when required, and can be used at a distance when required without sacrificing too much of its softness! Easy to set up and dismantle Deep parabolic shape produces bright, evenly lit subjects with precision in aiming Two to three f-stops more output than a typical soft box


1 x 72″ white Parabolic umbrella (Light stand and flash light are not included)


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