Product Photography Plexiglas Still Life Shooting Table


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Product shooting tables are the professional’s tool of choice for photographing small products, either against a white background or, using either paper backgrounds or lighting gels, with any other type of background.

This shooting table is of the ‘folding chair’ design, the stand folds completely flat in seconds and the acrylic shooting surface simply clicks into position, making it ideal for home studios and for when it needs to be stored when not in use in professional studios.

The acrylic shooting surface is matt on one side and shiny on the other, allowing a choice of including semi reflections of the product you’re photographing.

Shooting tables are normally used in conjunction with boom arms.

Dimensions: Total height 130cm/51″ Height to base 50cm/20″ Width 60cm/24″.


  • 1x lightweight aluminum frame 24″ x 52″
  • 1x Non-reflective opaque Plexiglas surface Base
  • clamps


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