Solid Black Fantasy Cloth 10’X20′ Backdrop


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Fantasy Cloth will put your photographs in a class by themselves. The effects you can create are soft, elegant and always visually pleasing. Mix and match colors to maximize your creativity. Layer Fantasy Cloths on top of each other for endless possibilities.

Fantasy Cloths are awesome accents for any scene or it can be used as an entire background on its own.

Wrinkle It. Backlight It. Shoot Through It. Diffuse with It. Color Gel It. Layer It. Drape It. What other creative uses will you think of?

Care & Handling:
1. Backgrounds are not washable or can be dry-cleaned 2. Care should also be taken not to get the background wet 3. When your background is new, it is normal for some light paint dust to rub off on your hands during handling. (this will diminish in time) 4. We recommend spraying the background lightly with a fabric protectant spray. This will help with cleaning up dirt and spills as well as stabilize the curing dust mentioned above. 5. If a smooth background is preferred, a hand-held steamer may be used (with special care not to saturate the background with moisture) 6.Due to the nature of handmade backgrounds, the colour and pattern may vary slightly from the sample shown.

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