Studio in a box photo lighting kit


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The STUDIO IN A BOX costs much less than competing products and without any sacrifice to quality! Quality product photos are key to successful sales , the STUDIO IN A BOX is the easy solution to great photos.

Features: – Kit contains everything needed to take professional studio-quality images: soft lighting diffusion box, lights, backgrounds, and camera stand –

Soft light box: specially woven, heat-resistant, 100% nylon fiber mesh diffuser – SIZE 16″ W x 16″ H x 16″ D

Background: white, red, black, chromakey blue, non-reflective polyster fabric

Pro Lighting: two 50W Tungsten lamps with retractable legs; 8″ Height with 8 cord

Camera stand: aluminum and steel construction; operational height range: 10″ to 18″

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Weight 4 kg