XL Snoot Honeycomb Grids Alien Bees/ Balcar /White lightning


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High quality, heavy duty all metal snoot set.
Full size snoot. Measures 9.5″ (24cm) tall, base is 7 1/8″ (18cm) wide.
Includes 3.5″ (9cm) diameter metal cap, 3 pieces 10/20/30°) honeycomb grid

Heavy duty construction, metal is 1.5mm thick.
Features O6 (6″ diameter) interchangeable mount.

Includes 1 piece Balcar / Alienbees mount.
Fits Alien Bees, Balcar, White Lightning.



1x 10″ pro snoot

1x mount for alien bees

3x honey comb grids 10/20/30 degree

5x color gel

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