Build Quality

Quality of components
Build quality is important because you (and we) want it to last and for you to be totally happy with your choice. Getting a product to look good is easy, all that takes is a streamlined design and some pretty logos but what really matters is what’s hidden away inside the case

Accidental damage
Build quality is important because accidents happen, and when something as expensive and delicate as electronic flash equipment has an accidental knock the quality of the build can make a real difference between whether it still works or it doesn’t.

Electrical safety
Build quality is imporpant because electronic flash equipment operates at extremely high voltages. A combination of good design and a high standard of build quality is essential to your safety.

Quality of components
At the heart of any electronic flash unit is its flash tube and the capacitors that provide the power to the flash tube. All Inspiron flashtubes are are simply the best there are.