150W Flash Strobe Master Light Head


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This studio Flash light is a 150 watt/second strobe monolight. Use it for a hair light, background light, or even as a main light in a small lighting set up. It operates on 110 AC voltages, recycles in 1.5 seconds, and operates at a variable range. Its flash duration ranges from 1/500 – 1/1000 sec, depending on power chosen, and it has a 50W modeling lamp that can be switched on or off depending on lighting requirements. The studio flash features a sensitive, built in optical slave, which “sees” the light from other flashes and fires instantaneously.
The flash light mounts to most light stands and comes with a mount bracket with built-in umbrella holder. The bracket also offers precise aiming by changing the tilt angle.



  • 150 watt seconds
  • Color-temperature corrected (5500 K) circular flash tube

  • Mounts onto any light stand with 5/8″ or smaller stud
  • Guide number of 40 at ISO 100
  • Recycling time of 1.5 seconds
  • 50 watt removable modeling lamp
  • Three different trigger options:
    • By the camera, using the included sync cord
    • By another flash, using the built in photo slave
    • Manually, using the open flash test button
  • Length is 7 inches
  • Diameter is 3 3/4 inches
  • Angle bracket at the base hase built in umbrella holder











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