250W Flash Strobe Master Light Head


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  • MonoLight:
    The unit mounts onto any standard lightstand with a 5/8″ or smaller mounting stud. It has a circular flash tube that is daylight balanced at 5600 deg. K, a guide number of 52 at ISO 100 and a recycling time of 1 second. It also comes with a 150 watt removable modeling lamp. The Budget Studio monolight Flash can be triggered through the camera with its included 15′ sync cord, by another flash being fired and activating the built-in Photo-Slave, or through its open-flash test button. It’s a compact 7.0″ long with a diameter of 3-3/4″ and weighs only 15 ounces.
    • Power: 250 Watt Seconds
    • Angle-adjustable bracket with built-in umbrella holder
    • 150 Watt model light
    • Color-temperature corrected (5,500K) circular flash-tube
    • Includes 12′ AC Power Cord
    • All kinds of lighting accessories available: barn-doors, snoot, color filters, honeycomb, soft boxes & umbrellas

    • 1pc 250W Flash Strobe light with power cord
    • Modeling lamp
    • 1 pc standard reflector
    • 1 year Warranty

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