4 socket light head with power cord


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Light Head would be a great addition to your studio. The light socket mounts on most standard light stands. You can control two light bulbs if you want them on or off.

One advantage of using continuous lighting over strobe lighting is that you can see the highlights and shadows on the object either directly or on the camera’s monitor. This allows you to adjust the light to produce the effect you want without having to wait until the picture is developed.


    • Mounts on any standard light stand
    • Holds any bulb with a standard E26 base
    • Maximum capacity is 150 watts
    • Operate 4 Bulbs separately to control light strem using 2 On/Off switch buttons located on the back
    • The head acts as a speedring for the dedicated softbox
    • Soften light intense thrugh internal white cover and soft box
    • Built-in control handle to protect you from hot light body during operation
    • Operated with 4 Day-light Studio Light Bulbs (each holder – Total 4 Bulbs)
    • Work with 110 – 120V
    • Bulbs Not Included


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