43″ Umbrella Softbox Brolly Reflective Softbox


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  • 43″ diameter. Underside is translucent white.
    The upper is black outside and silver inside.
    8″ diameter drawstring opening for monolight, strobe flash or slave. 
    A quick and easy way to produce beatifully diffused light. Setup in seconds.
    Great for all monolight brands  including Balcar, Bowens,
    White lightning, Alien Bees,  Photogenic, JTL, etc. 

    It throws a relatively wide,even and soft light over the subject. It allows more directed lighting and less backspill compared to shot through soft light over the subject.The long aluminum shaft makes this umbrella suitable for using with standard studio strobes as well with flashgun via umbrella bracket swivel mount & flash clamp.It also boasts round,evenly lit catchlights in the eyes of subjects.It is ideal for photographers seeking a highly versatile and portable light shaping tool for their studio flashes and also for photographers seeking a softbox for their hot shoe flashes.Ideal for portrait,model shoots as well as your internet digital photo.It will dramatically improve your lighting outcome.

    Size:     43″
  • Color: black,white/translucent

  • Note: Will not fit Elinchrom brand flash heads

    Package including:

    Umbrella Softbox Soft Brolly Box Reflective Studio 43″ X 1

        Nylon case for each softbox



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