NEW 20″x20″ Hotshoe Softbox 4 Speedlight+ Marks + Handle


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NEW 20″x20″ Hotshoe Softbox for Speedlight Kit

with Carrying Case


(You are bidding on ONE 20″x20″ Hotshoe softbox with marks and handle, flash light is not included)

The details:

Designed to open in a matter of seconds, the  Hotshoe gives photographers the ability to convert a battery powered flash from a harsh directional light into a soft light. The Hotshoe is also manufactured to the highest standards. Additionally, unlike a standard softbox, there are no rods or screws to lose or struggle to insert – the Hotshoe pops open like a reflector. 


Sold as a kit, the Hotshoe comes with everything a photographer will need to immediately begin shooting. Included is a ‘speedring’ adaptor, which allows users to mount a battery powered strobe to the softbox. When attached, the adaptor can be mounted to a light stand (not included) or can be handheld using an extension handle(not included) for further control.



Package includes:

  • One 20″x20″ softcase with front soft screen
  • One round mark and one strip mark
  • One adjustable handle ( up to 46″)
  • One circular metal chuck
  • A group of mount
  • One Carrying case


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