Pro 65° Focus 10″ Reflector with 15° & 30° Honeycomb 4 Bowens


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    This focus reflector is specifically designed for use with Calumet and Bowens flash heads. This all metal constructed general purpose direct reflector is finished with a pebbled surface, providing uniform illumination across the coverage area. The standard reflector is fitted with a rim, used to accommodate our range of honeycomb grids, Coverage angle is 65 degrees.

    The 65 degree reflector produces a relatively narrow beam of light, useful for when the light needs to be bounced from a ceiling or projected over a longer distance than normal.

  • Will accept 10 inch outer diameter grid attachments
  • Provides even illumination when utilizing an umbrella
  • Helps eliminate hot spots
  • 65 Degrees Angle of Coverage
  • Diameter: 10″
  • Length: 9.5″

1x 65° stardard reflector

1x 15° Honeycomb grid

1x 30° Honeycomb grid

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