Studio Ceiling Track System Photography Sky Rail 9ft rail


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The Sky Rail System is a modular overhead lighting suspension system
which can be expanded or modified to your wish.
It offers precise positioning of lights or reflection devices with ease and speed, eliminating the clutter of light stands and power cables on the floor.
The systems utilize a combination of rails, carriages, rail extenders, and manual spring/cable assisted pantographs. This is a progressive sky rail system from basic.
Rail extenders enable you to modify your rail system size when necessary.


4x Sky Rail System Pantograph

  • Single carriage roller pre-installed: Enables you to position anywhere you want
  • Supports a load of up to 22 Lbs of studio lighting or reflection device
  • Spring counter-balanced: Moves smoothly up and down when necessary
  • Extends to 72“
  • 5/8” Universal stud included

4 x Sky Rail System 9ft Rail

  • Deluxe aluminum construction
  • Various rail system layout available using rail extender
  • Popular Layout

1. 4x Sky Rail System Pantograph
2. 4 x Sky Rail System 9ft Rail
3. All accessories for installation


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