14″ x 56″ Strip Grids Softbox with L bracket hotshoe mount


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This Strip Softbox is designed with a 1:4 ratio. It can be used horizontally or vertically to create relatively sharp shadows. Above or behind the subject, this Softbox provides the right amount of highlighting to add volume and drama to the subject. The narrow width keeps light off the background, even when shooting a full length subject.


  • Superior quality and design.
  • Includes translucent internal baffle. It eliminates hot light spots.
  • Removable front face allows for high or low contrast lighting.
  • Aluminum-tipped steel support rods
  • 50 degree removable grids
  • Vents flags can prevent light spilage or help cool modeling light
  • With 100% metal high quality L bracket with hotshoe mount for Canon/Nikon speedlite
  • Interior surfaces are silver.
  • Carrying pouch

Package includes:

One pc 14″x56″ Grids strip softbox including internal baffle, front face, steel rods, removable grids, carrying pouch and one L bracket hotshoe mount.

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Weight 8 kg