16”/40cm Black Jewellery Cube Photo Tent


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Product Description:

 The New 16″ Special Black Tent is a photo light tent that is simple to use for product photography. Produce high quality catalog style photos just like the pros. It is ideal for taking pictures of highly reflective items such as watches, platinum, gold, silver, and diamonds. The isolated black nylon fabric creates a metallic luster. Lights no longer reflect or pass through objects such as glass or crystals. The black interior reduces the hot spot and gives the object a 3d type of luster. It can also be used to take photos of non-reflection items like a typical white light tent. 


Product Features:

  • High quality nylon fabric for better light isolation and diffusion 
  • Better light diffusion and isolation reduces hot spot and glare 
  • Produce professional quality photos quickly with the Tent
  •  Flexible metal wire frame is collapsible for easy storage
  • Comes with carrying & storage case to keep your Tent clean
  • Great for products such as jewelry, watches, crystals, and highly reflective objects
  • 2 Background Sweeps in quality flocking material. Colors: Blue and white – the flocking material helps keep the white “shadow free.”
  • Black Front Panel
  • 3 Side panels with one open end for greater flexibility in set-up. It can be turned up side down to shoot straight down or on it’s side to shoot into.
 If you have been been experiencing difficulty getting a good shot of a reflective item, this Tent will help solve the problem! Easy to set -up means quick shots with professional results
Package includes:
One piece 16″ Black Photo tent

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