43″ Shake-off Reflective Soft Photo Umbrella


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This dual-layer photographic umbrella provides soft, even reflected light. It has removable reflective (silver & black) light-blocking cover outside (to prevent light loss and reflect more light) and soft (translucent) umbrella inside. Silver lining of this reflective umbrella is for snappy highlights as it minimizes light loss while maximizes light spread. Ideal for both portraits and group shooting. Package includes : * 1 x 43″ Soft (Translucent) Umbrella * 1 x Double-Layer Shake-off Reflective (Silver & Black) Cover (Removable)   Compatibility : * 8mm umbrella shaft diameter makes it suitable for all types of flash mounts. Features : Double-layer design, it’s a black outside and silver inside reflective umbrella; after removing the outer layer, it becomes an independent soft (translucent) umbrella. The umbrella body is made of metal frame, light and solid; the umbrella shaft diameter is 8mm, suitable for all kinds of flash mounts. The outer layer uses high-quality mirror reflective material, and the inner layer uses high scattering soft material. Specifications: * Umbrella Diameter: 43 inches (about 110cm) * Product Weight: 400g * Shaft Diameter: 8mm * Umbrella Material: Polyester with Silver Coating

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