Pro 5-socket 3 lights 3000W output BWG Backdrop Boom Stand Kit


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The powerful Lamp head (3  lights) supports five 45Watt Fluorescent bulbs (included) that provide an equivalent light output of 1000 Watts but are bank selectable to 1/5 power(200W) without any change in color temperature.

  • Light Stand:
    • Versatile, Hardworking & Lightweight
    • Black anodized aluminum
    • Max Height: 7 Ft, Min Height: 26″
    • Stable & Quick Setup

  • Photo Bulb:
    60 watt fluorescent light bulb = 300 watt Incandescent light bulbs. color temperature 5500K, total output is 4500 Watt. These high-output daylight balanced compact fluorescent bulbs are ideally suited for digital photography. They also have very low heat so they don’t get hot like the more common photo bulb choices.


  • Boom Stand 7′ stand; Boom arm with clamp can be extended to 5.5′.


  • Light Socket:
    It mounts on standard light stands. You can control each of the light bulb on/off.


  • Backdrop stand The stands are up to 7ft tall, and will take backdrops up to 10ft wide.
    The stands are fully adjustable with its precision locking mechanism. 4 pieces cross bars.
    Width can be set at either 5ft, 7 ft or 10ft


  • Backdrop Brand new high quality muslin background; Best available 100 percent cotton muslin material; The background has a loop rim at the top for easy mounting. It’s fully hemmed at the edge; Heavy duty high key muslin, net weight 2 lbs/ 6’x9′ backdrop.

  1. 3×5 Light Bank Selectable Light Fixtures including power cords
  2. 15×45 Watt 5500K Light bulbs, Equivalent output of 200W each (total 3000 watts)
  3. 3x(20″x28′) silver chrome softboxes with removable front scrim
  4. 3×7 foot professional light stands
  5. 1x 5.5′ boom arm stand kit with clamp and sandbag
  6. Heavy duty carrying case
  7. 1x 7’x10′ Backdrop stands kit with carrying case
  8. 1x 6’x9′ high key muslin black Backdrop
  9. 1x 6’x9′ high key muslin white backdrop
  10. 1x 6’x9′ high key muslin green backdrop

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Weight 30 kg

1 review for Pro 5-socket 3 lights 3000W output BWG Backdrop Boom Stand Kit

  1. Nicolas Taggart (verified owner)

    Seems like a great starter kit+ so far. Definitely not as easy to install as expected (but I managed), and the muslin is not the thickest around, nor the stands as sturdy as I was led to believe – but I am still quite happy with what I’ve got here. I love the fact that each bulb has an individual switch to allow full control over how bright you want your lights. It would be nice if the diffusers on the soft boxes fit a little tighter. I may make a few simple minor adjustments/improvements to aid in ease of breakdown and set up. Note that the sand does not come included with the sandbag, and flip the diffusers inside out (the velcro works that way).

    I am slightly confused as what I received appears to be a Canadian Studio product of the same design, perhaps I was mislead into thinking that Inspiron was the manufacturor. There are cheaper versions available on amazon (with free shipping as well).

    Though I am happy with what I have here, I would not have bought from this site had I known the brand of the products.

    Shipment and ordering was hassle free, I went to the warehouse and picked it up same day as my order was placed. It is just a massive warehouse though, no storefront at all (nothing wrong with that, it just caught me off guard). Everything arrived intact (though one bulb is a little wobbly, the bulb not the fixture) and well packaged. Have not inquired into sending bulb back, am expecting no trouble.

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